Poetry Contest Winners

2019 Poetry Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions:

  • Tamar S. Manuel, Normandy Park: “The Color Yellow”
  • Anonymous: “calls from grandma”
  • Tevlin Britten, Tacoma: “This Black Baggage”
  • Joshua Hamilton, Burien: “The Food Runner”
  • Dio Jean-Baptiste, Seattle: “Retrospect”
  • McKenzie Loiselle, Des Moines: “Roslyn”
  • Irene Tran, Auburn: “Break Away”

2018 Poetry Contest Winners

“Accent” earned Yasmine Leland first place in Highline College’s 2018 Student Poetry Contest. Leland said her heritage was the inspiration for her poem, which focuses on her mother’s accent.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Angela Huai, SeaTac: “Rain”
  • Alyssa Konopaski, Des Moines: “forgive me if I do not care to be a gardener”
  • Serina Lopez, Seattle: “Poem of a Ho”
  • Tamar Manuel, Normandy Park: “A Gambler’s Mouth”
  • Isabella Stewart, Federal Way: “The Cool Kids Use T-Shirts Instead of the Yearbook Autograph Page”
  • Harper S. Villani, Federal Way: “Universal Secrets”
  • Angeline Watkinson, Kent: “Stargazing”

2017 Poetry Contest Winners

Highline College student, Elizabeth Abramchuk, reads her poem “Imaginative” which was selected as the winning poem for Highline College’s 2017 Poetry Contest.

  • First Place: Elizabeth Abramchuk, “Imaginative”
  • Second Place: Mickayla Olson of Burien for her poem “Calling”
  • Third Place: Jordan McPherson of Auburn for “The Belly”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Carrie Costello, Renton: “Too Young”
  • Erica Cvitkovic, SeaTac: “Sirens’ Lament”
  • Allison DeBoer, Auburn: “World of Wonderland”
  • Christianna Hopson, Federal Way: “High Contrast”
  • Alexander Longmire, Kent: “Laptop”
  • Harmony Nuccitelli, Kent: “The House on 5th Street”
  • Anastasia Olesik: “Sneakers and Streets”

2016 Poetry Contest Winners

Rebekka Paulsen, winner of Highline College’s 2016 Student Poetry Contest, reads her poem, “Hello, Kidney Disease.”

2015 Poetry Contest Winners

Daylen A. Nguyen reads his winning poem, “Dreams of Blue” which was selected as the winning poem for Highline’s 2015 Poetry Contest.